seed for seeds   


The Harvestery is about getting our hands dirty in building a better tomorrow. We believe it’s important to provide sustainable help for those in need. We do that by giving back a seed for every seed that’s purchased. We think it’s the right thing to do.


… is the number of farmers that have committed suicide over the last 20 years in India because of seed debt.


Africa’s population is growing 50% faster than it’s food production.


… is the growing number of patents Monsanto has on seeds, plants & DNA.

If woman...

had the same access to farming resources as men, the number of hungry in the world could be reduced by 150 million people.





a little about..


“We leave a corner (give a seed) because in helping save someone else from suffering, we may in the process find ourselves being saved.

From indifference.

From the inertia of inaction.

From taking what we have for granted.

We leave a corner (give a seed) because our world is either shrinking or it’s expanding.

It’s either contracting in on itself, or it’s opening up.

Our lives are either more and more about us—more stuff, more unsatisfying consumption—or we’re on a different path.

So may you come to see that grace isn’t fair.

Redemption isn’t fair.

Liberation isn’t fair.

And may you extend this unfairness to others, finding out that your overflow is somebody else’s necessity. May you find somebody who needs what you have, only to discover that they had what you needed all along.”

 – Rob Bell